Crete is the largest island in the Aegean Sea and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its history and gastronomy are inseparable parts of the Cretan culture lasting throughout the centuries.  Crete is one of the top destinations in the whole world because of the warm Mediterranean climate, great history and hospitality.

Enormous geological contradictions and special weather conditions have formed unique landscapes, surprising the visitors and keeping senses constantly alert. Each route is unique. Variant sensations, pictures, colors and flavors accompany visitors at every step.

Lameriana Village is located 59 km away from the airport of Heraklion and 94 km from the airport of Chania. We invite you to visit Lameriana, a quiet and relaxing hideout close to Rethymno, the third biggest city in Crete where you can enjoy the longest summer in Europe! Discover the sandy and crystal blue beaches in Bali, or Panormo. Explore the naturally shaped caves in Spilies beach.  Visit the Cave in Melidoni and Zoniana (Sfendoni Cave), the archaeological museum in Eleftherna or many other historical monuments and learn about our history and culture.

History, culture, gastronomy and entertainment meet in Rethymno. It is a city full of light and people all year long which maintains the purity of its own traditions. Experience the nightlife in Bali or Panormo only 10 minutes away by car. You can also visit Rethymno and entertain yourself by strolling along the old town’s narrow lanes full of bars and taverns where you can have a great time only 20 minutes from Lameriana.

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“A Trip to Paradise”

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Restoration of village was co-financed by agrotourism program OPAAX, Rethymno, Crete, Greece


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