Lameriana is a small village on 60m altitude that is estimated to be created in the 12th century. According to literature sources, the settlement is

considered as “metoxi”, meaning that its location on a hill and the immense visibility up to the sea were served as an observatory for the pirates

in the venetian times (1204-1669). During the Turkish occupation (1669-1890), it is possible that some buildings were officers' houses.

The first name of the village was Lemeriana and only in 1928, we find the current name Lameriana. In 1900 the village had 102 habitats, while

the followings years the population started to decline. In 1920 the population census shows 43 persons living in the village, while in 1940 and

1951 Lameriana does not exist in the list of census settlements of Greece. In 1961, 27 people were living in the village.

Some years ago, Lameriana was an abandoned stone village. In 2010 it is characterized as a “traditional settlement” on behalf of the traditional

Cretan architecture and the harmony between the nature and the architectural style of buildings.

Today, some of the ex-abandoned houses are totally restored with care and respect. They are innovated in tourist accommodation and consist a

paradise in the middle of Cretan nature. The suites combine the tradition and the modernity, while the location offers many occasions to spend

your time. We invite you to discover Lameriana Village ! 


                                                Before the restoration                                                                           After the restoration









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Restoration of village was co-financed by agrotourism program OPAAX, Rethymno, Crete, Greece


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