Visit Mitato

Upon arrival at Mitato, a treat is offered with iced fresh mountain tea with lemon or fresh homemade lemonade and cool mint water. Afterwards, there is a guided tour of the site which includes the stone mantra, the traditional Mitato (shepherd's house) and the tyrokeli (natural hole where the hole cheese is kept until itRead More

Close Beaches

BALI BEACH Bali village is 9 km far away from Lameriana Hotel. The beach, with the white sand and the green waters, has four bays, which form beaches with calm waters, as they face the West.  They are all kids friendly and well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.  There are a lot of ground waterspringsRead More


Museum of Ancient Eleftherna <p style="text-align: justify;">The museum is located at a distance of 20 km away of Lameriana. The Museum of ancient Eleutherna - Homer in Crete, the first archaeological site museum in Crete, although smaller in size, are similar to those of Olympia, Delphi and Vergina. The museum created to house the results ofRead More


Hiking is the best way to explore Crete.  There are plenty of paths which are worth hiking. Ancient routes and old cobblestone streets that used to be the main streets of the island once, are an attraction point for nature lovers today! E4 European Path at Rethymno E4 consists of two sections – a northern andRead More

Events – Festivals

Cretan diet festival Rethymno 1-15 July, Municipal Garden of Rethymno Cretan Diet Festival has become an important event in Rethymno and Crete, promoting local products, Cretan culture and the Cretan way of eating, that has received a lot of attention from all over the world as a model of healthy eating. During the festival youRead More