Visit Mitato

Upon arrival at Mitato, a treat is offered with iced fresh mountain tea with lemon or fresh homemade lemonade and cool mint water.

Afterwards, there is a guided tour of the site which includes the stone mantra, the traditional Mitato (shepherd’s house) and the tyrokeli (natural hole where the hole cheese is kept until it matures). Here follows a short speech about where we are, the history of Mitatos, the special philosophy and culture of the shepherds of Psiloritis.


Then comes home-made food, which is based on appetizers that are typical of Cretan food and hospitality.

  • Kefalotyri (produced by the shepherd)
  • Various homemade olives
  • Dolmades with vine leaves (handmade vegetarian)
  • Classic Dakakia (fresh tomato with a slice of olive oil and oregano)
  • Dakakia with anthogalo (Fresh Cretan creamy cheese of our production) ·    Season  salad
  • Handmade kalitsounias (with various herbs and with myzithra flavored with balsam)
  • Fava beans
  • French fries (fried in the presence of customers)
  • Eggplants with sour cream, the sour cream is produced by us (baked in the presence of customers)
  • Seasonal fruit

The appetizers provided in the above menu are also suitable for people with particularities in food such as  vegan  and gluten intolerant since there is enough options.

In general, the food is specific, but due to the season it may change, such as dolmades in the summer are offered alternatively with pumpkins or the salad may be seasonal greens, for example

Also customers on site can buy various products such as:

  • Kefalotiri of our production
  • Our production oil
  • Mountain herbs (mountain tea, oregano, dictamom, chamomile, aladano)
  • Thyme honey
  • Handmade items made with love by the shepherd himself such as sheep bells and metal animal figurines.

My purpose is for people to experience for a while in a genuine and authentic Mitato the real living conditions of the shepherd through the sounds and beauty of nature, the smells of the mountain as well as the alternative food. Leaving, they will be able to understand the special culture and philosophy of life that the people of Psiloritis have.

Our goal is to create memories.